Developer Resources

RLY Protocol quick start in just 3 steps.

RLY Protocol combines on-chain smart contracts and off-chain libraries, providing developers with the tools to create your tokenized economy in just 3 steps.
Developer Resources
Launch your token

Try RLY Protocol in 3 simple steps

Effortlessly configure your token parameters, additional metadata and initial token supply to mint. Set your TBC parameters by following the TBC Guide.

Learn how to create your application token. In this step you get:

  • Created your on-chain SPL app token
  • Multi-chain expansion: Continued plans to bring RLY Protocol to additional blockchains.
  • Verified your token and supply on chain
  • Verified your token name, symbol, and logo on an explorer/wallet
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Initialize Token Bonding Curve (TBC)

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Learn how to configure and initialize the TBC that defines the supply and price of your token. In this section you get:

  • Initialized a TBC based on your parameters
  • Verified the token account for your app token owned by the swap program
  • Verified the token account for sRLY owned by the swap program
  • Verified the transfer and balance of the initial supply of application token to app token account
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Learn how to swap between your app token and sRLY. This will be the main method your users will use obtain your app token through the token swap.

  • Swapped between two tokens in both directions
  • Verified balance changes in both token swap token accounts
  • Verified balance changes in the user token accounts
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One multi-industry token solution

  • Gaming
    & NFTs

    Boost game engagement and player retention. Offer branded in-game coins to incentivize existing players and entice new ones by letting them redeem coins for rewards.

  • Metaverse

    Launch your own metaverse token. Enable all of your citizens to earn, buy, redeem, sell, and accrue your branded token. Incentivize a whole new virtual experience.

  • Social

    Evolve your social community into a healthy economy by enabling a token to drive engagement, reward ideal behaviors, and align incentives with content creators.

  • Digital markteting

    Gift tokens to customers to entice them into the engagement funnel and reward them via game mechanics, such as laearn-to-earn and engage-to-earn. Provide tokens for conversion, purchase, promotions or special perks.

  • Loyalty programs

    Upgrade traditional loyalty points programs to a Web3 experience. Enable instant liquidity, programmable money and new forms of financial benefits. Offer virtual goods, utility NFTs, unique digital content or access to private communities by token holders.

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